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Teen Universe United States 2017

The 2018 Teen Universe United States took place in Amarillo, TX from August 2-6th. Delegates from across the nation arrived and stayed at the Ashmore Inn & Suites for a week-long national competition. The grand finale took place on Sunday August 6th at the Globe News-Center.

The group of beautiful ladies who made it to semifinalist are; New Mexico, Illinois, Southern States, Florida, New York, Tennessee, Arizona, Utah, East South Central, Wyoming & Colorado.

Top six; Florida, Arizona, Utah, illinois, Tennessee & Wyoming. The competition move on to top three, making Florida Nicole Rodriguez 2nd Runner-up, and Emily Ramirez of Utah the 1st Runner-up. Taylor Jamison of Tennessee took the crown home and became Teen Universe United States 2018.

Born and raised in Nashville and graduated from her alma mater, Antioch High School, in 2016 with honors. Taylor was involved in the AVID program, a program designed for college and postsecondary preparation, student government, Dance Ensemble, the yearbook committee, National Honor Society, and the 21 and Up Club, a club designed to commend ACT scores that were 21 and above. She was also nominated to represent her senior class on the Homecoming Court.

Taylor is currently a sophomore at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. She is studying Studio Art with a minor in Art Education with hopes to teach art classes to elementary and middle school students while in graduate school studying to attain a degree in Interior Design. For reasons close to heart, she chose to be an advocate and spread more knowledge about Breast Cancer Awareness in hopes of one day finding a cure.

How has the world you come from shaped your dreams and aspirations?

“The world I come from has taught me that it is vital to stay true to your heart. It was very easy to let what other people thought was best for me and their vision of success deter me from what I wanted to do for myself. Because of this, I put my wants and dreams on the back burner. As I’ve grown older, though, those wants and dreams began to manifest into something stronger as I began to settle with possible majors and careers that my heart was not completely invested in. I have learned from my world that it is important to follow your dreams as they will always stay with you”.

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