Shasha Nikyta Kam



Sasha nikyta kam, is 18 years old birthday on March 16, sasha since childhood has always been known for being outgoing, friendly, loving, cheerful, generous, authentic young girl, always positive and mostly trusting in God and the Virgin.


Always active, she loves to enjoy every minute that God gives her; she likes to smile, reading, going to the beach, watching movies, skating and all activities that will help her for a personal and spiritual growth.


Always had two paths to choose in life: aviation or medicine but she realized that she like most aviation, wanting to become a fully qualified airline pilot and then continue to grow in the same industry, one of its objectives is to create a dining room for kids in which children are taught manners and values and that she contribute their bit to this changing, to make these children have goals and aspirations for the future to make our world a better place to live.


Our children are the future parents, to create a good future we must create good parents.


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