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Vivianie Diaz Arroyo




She obtained her crown on February 15th 2014 in the city of Managua, Nicaragua. Vivianie Díaz Arroyo, was born on August 19th 1998. At only 15 years old she managed to stand out in various academic, athletic, and social disciplines. She is in 10th grade at San Antonio High School with an overall GPA of honor 93% -A.


Vivainie has been a recognized athlete in the competitions of the Catholic schools in volleyball, track and field, high jump, long jump and cross-country. She is fluent in English and Spanish. She has the ability to memorize scripts and for drama. She is a young  oman with a large vocabulary that has granted her the opportunity to serve as a moderator for events. She has been a student of the Art League of Puerto Rico, where she performed with raw clay figures. She enjoys her ballet and jazz classes, and also practices the tropical dance (Salsa)

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